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Bay Lotus Regular Seeds
Bay Lotus Regular Seeds

Boy Lotus is a fantastic hybrid from the Grand Daddy Purple family. It is a combination of Bay 11 and White Lotus, both of which are truly impressive strains. Bay 11 is a potent Sativa strain with dense pale, resinous buds which are sweet and fruity in their aroma. It is often used as a day time pain medication since it has pain killing properties without causing the patient to lose lucidity. White Lotus is an extremely potent and frosty strain with a lemon aroma and flavour. Its effect is extremely relaxing and Indica heavy. These strains have both passed on excellent attributes to Bay Lotus such as the dense buds and a frosty white coating of resin. It has a heavy yield and extremely bright green buds.

It also have a mind numbing and extremely impressive THC content. The very high THC content is what enhances the pain-relieving properties.

Bay Lotus is a regular strain which means that it has not been altered in any way in order to make it more user friendly. These strain are still very popular amongst old school growers and breeders, despite the rise of feminise and autoflowering plants. They are far more independent than these easy to grow strains and therefore are often used in attempts to reintroduce cannabis into the wild. This is because they are capable of growing and breeding of their own accord quite healthily, if they are placed in the correct environment. Regular crops will grow into a roughly even split of male plants and female plants, there are sometimes more females than males. This makes them ideal for breeders as they have plenty of choice when it comes to selecting the parent plants.

These plants should be the very best of each gender in the crop, this means that the over all quality and uniformity of the next crop will improve. This is also an excellent time to remove any genetic weaknesses or issues which the last crop experienced.

This strain is very versatile and can be grown both indoors and outdoors, it has a flowering time of 9 - 10 weeks and gives a high yield.

Grand Daddy Purple
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CBD Content:
Flowering time:
9-10 weeks
Bay 11 female x White Lotus male
Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
THC Content:
Seed type:
Regular Seeds
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