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Cannaventure Seeds

Cannaventure Seeds

Cannaventure Seeds is a respected brand that is passionate about the potential for cannabis genetics to bring a wealth of benefits to mankind: As such, this philanthropic firm is committed to enriching the genetic library available to seasoned seed collectors everywhere by taking a quality-led approach to breeding.

Whilst much emphasis is often placed by breeders upon sourcing the finest female cannabis genetics for their endeavours, Cannaventure Seeds also values the importance of high quality male specimens when it comes to producing varied, top-notch and truly unique strains.

Notable examples of this firm's ground-breaking work include:

Cookie Wreck

This impressive regular strain takes its name from Cannaventure's innovative blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Arcata TrainWreck BXII: High yields, gorgeous colouration and a citrusy, Kush-like flavour profile all work together to produce a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Garlic Breath

As its name suggests, this pungent, aromatic cross between a Tennessee Hogsbreath clone and Chem D BXII Garlic can produce some delightfully whiffy plants, which are prized for their potential to generate high yields of hard-hitting Indica-influenced goodness.

Tennessee Purple Kush

A densely packed, high-yielding Indica-dominant strain, Tennessee Purple Kush is known for its blissfully relaxing medicinal effects and its beautiful violet-tinted colouration. Genetics-wise, this sublime strain's ancestry includes the all-star line-up of: Purple Berry, Alien Kush and Tennessee Hogsbreath.

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