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Loud Seeds

Loud Seeds is a multiple award winning company which focuses primarily on Californian genetics. They focus on the creation and the improvement of excellent quality strains in order to pass on the fantastic products to the customers. For many years Loud Seeds has been creating the finest cannabis strains with just a close group of Californian breeders. Even though Loud Seeds itself was created in 2007 the breeders who make up the company have been together since 2001. Loud Seeds first became an official European company when they won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012. They set up shop in Barcelona in 2013 and started supplying their amazing strains to another lucky part of the cannabis community.

The current heads of the company are James Loud and Mike Seeds. James Loud is from Northern California and has spent 20 years perfecting his craft. His primary focus is organic methodology and in his time as a breeder he has collected a really wonderful set of rare strains. He has also worked on a number of innovative growing methods and breeding projects which have changed the face of cannabis breeding. Mike Seeds has also been working in the cannabis industry for over 20 years and is far more of an entrepreneur. Whereas James is far more fascinated by and experienced in the genetic side of things Mike has owned and operated dispensaries across California for over a decade.

With these two working as a team it is hardly surprising that Loud Seeds has become so very popular. Loud Seeds was also started by the accidental creation of Loud OG which immediately won them the High Times Cannabis Cup that prompted them to go into business. Some things really are just meant to be and the partnership of these two talented and passionate breeders is certainly one of them. Loud Seeds is a long standing and trustworthy company that truly cares about its products and its customers. These breeders sell their top notch strains in a variety of seed types to ensure that they cater to everyone. Their strains come in regular, feminised, and autoflowering as well as indoor, outdoor and greenhouse. Loud Seeds understands how important it is to have something for every customer and, most importantly, that most people can afford. There is a very clear reason for their phenomenal reputation in the modern cannabis community all over the world.

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