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HazeMan Seeds

Hazeman Seeds originally entered into the cannabis community via breeding for other well known seed banks. After some time of their seeds becoming more and more successful they decided simply to become a seed bank in their own right, thus Hazeman was born. This all took place at the beginning of the century and since then Hazeman have been providing the best quality strains at seriously impressive prices. The general feel of the Hazeman breeders is that they care about their customers. They feel, as not all seed banks do, that their customers deserve a high quality product that they can afford. This is what sets this seed bank apart in the eyes of the cannabis community, there is no elitism when it comes to providing top quality strains. It is also clear from their stock that they wish to cater to every type of grower and breeder. They supply a number of highly popular and lesser known strains. They also supply these strains in a variety of feminised, autoflowering, and regular seeds. This ensures that no matter what the style of the growing or the purpose of it, be it for personal use or medicinal manufacturing, no one is left out of their demographic.

Hazeman have always been interested in old school strains that have been around for a long time and are still immensely popular. They have paid special attention to their collection of Indica strains. Despite this they still provide a host of new and upcoming strains to ensure that they cater to all types of customer. The interest in the older strains is, in fact, where the name of the company came from. Haze was one of the first strains bred by the company and so they felt that the moniker was fitting. Hazeman have been a trusted source of top quality merchandise and a favourite amongst many different styles of grower and breeder for around 40 years. Even though they have been going for such a very long time they show absolutely no signs of slowing down. They will surely be one of the finest seed banks available for many years to come.

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