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Gage Green Seeds

The purpose of Gage Green Seeds, and what they do exceptionally well, is to improve upon the world's most elite cannabis strains by isolating the best genetics and replicating plants that out-perform their predecessors in quality and yield.

Their selection process is painstaking to say the least. Gage Green goes after the most potent of strains currently available and select only high-yielding specimens of each phenotype so that the growing experience is easy and the reward great. Growers new to cultivating cannabis and seasoned, experienced growers alike will find working with Gage Green Seeds to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

What sets Gage Green apart from other mass-producing seed banks is their commitment to working exclusively with carefully-selected specimens and collecting every seed by hand. This allows them to consistently offer the best seeds possible, rivalling those produced by any other seed bank one can name. Their collection of prized genetics include rare clone-only specimens gathered from around the globe. Medical marijuana users laud Gage Green seeds for their extremely consistent and superior quality, and enthusiasts of all description regard their products as being in the upper echelons of the cannabis world.

This kind of quality does, however, have its limitations. Gage Green only produces limited quantities of each of their strains. This may come as a disappointment to some who have particular favourites, but those favourites are always undergoing improvement, making growers and enthusiasts eager to receive the next batch of seeds. In short, Gage Green keeps all their strains in a constant state of evolution, continually bringing out the best in every strain, taking greater pride with each and every further seed they produce and distribute. The end result is a product that smells and tastes better than its predecessor with an overall effect to match. If a particular strain is sold out, be encouraged. The next batch will be well worth the wait.

Gage Green maintains a commitment to utilizing technologies that are based in nature. They understand better than most the symbiont relationship between the seed and the earth and this understanding, along with responsible, eco-friendly growing methods, only serves to enhance the quality of the product and connect the user even more closely with the earth that originally provided it.

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