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Cannabis Seeds / Feminised Seeds / Sweet Seeds / Grandes Monstruos Resinosos (Special Edition)
Grandes Monstruos Resinosos (Special Edition)
Grandes Monstruos Resinosos (Special Edition)

Sweet Seeds Grandes Monstruos Resinosos is a collection of 3 great strains from the Sweet Seeds collection. Each pack contains two seeds each of the following gargantuan strains:
Cream 47

A cross between Cream Caramel and an elite AK47 clone, Cream 47 is a hardy, massive and aromatic strain. The plants are a perfectly balanced 50/50 indica/sativa blend. They grow tall and strong and produce massive, dense buds that are loaded with potent resin. They take on an almost psychedelic look as they mature with shades of blue, red and purple.

Yields both indoors and outdoors top 600 g per square metre and the plants finish in about 9 weeks. Harvest by early October and avoid exposing to frost.

The flavour of Cream Caramel is sweet and earthy and its effect is powerful yet balanced well between the knockout indica stone and the invigorating sativa high.

Green Poison

Green Poison produces buds that are average in size but loaded with sticky and powerful resin. The aroma is a little skunky with overt notes of flowers and spice. This is a mostly Indica strain whose effect changes based on the number of hits. Take just a few for a nice, head-filling high, take a few more for a couch-locking stone that is highly conducive to napping. This is a popular medical marijuana strain and is an effective sleep aid and muscle relaxer.

Big Foot

This is a very potent strain that grows large and produces an abundance of buds. It is regarded by many to be among the best strains in Sweet Seeds' collection for its tantalising aroma and flavour and its fast flowering time. It produces one large flower site with loads of smaller sites throughout the plant. The aroma and flavour is sweet, dense, and fruity with a hint of spice.

Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries - please check the laws of your country and don't be growing any plants if it is against your country's laws.

Sweet Seeds
Sweet Seeds
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