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Critical Purple Kush Feminised Seeds

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Critical Purple Kush Feminised Seeds

Critical Purple Kush is not too dissimilar to the Critical plant except for the fact that it is a little but taller and has a longer inter-nodal length. It was bred by crossing Blueberry, Critical and Peyote Purple and is 80% indica.

This plant can reach a height of 250 - 300 cm. when grown in the ground outdoors where it will be ready to harvest at the end of September or early October in northern latitudes. Each plant can yield between 600 - 800 gr. each in this environment.

Indoors flowering takes about 60 - 65 days producing 400 - 500 gr/m2. The branches of this strain are rather spondly and it is strongly recommended to tie/train them in order to stop the large, spongy, purple buds from snapping them.

Not all the plants will turn purple but the best results colour-wise will occur when the night temperatures fall markedly from those of day-time.

The taste combines pineapple and forest fruit flavours along with little nuances of lemon and Skunk derived from the Critical component. THC production is high with low CBD.

The effect is extremely physically relaxing and it is recommended for medical usage.

Blueberry x Critical x Peyote Purple


CBD Content:
Low (0-1%)
Body, Physical, Relaxing
Flowering time:
60 - 65 days
Blueberry x Critical x Peyote Purple
Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Medical properties:
Plant height:
250 - 300 cm
THC Content:
15 - 20%
Mostly Indica
Medium, High
Seed type:
Feminised Seeds
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