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Cherry Pie

What’s better than a big old slice of cherry pie? How about a few tokes from the Cherry Pie strain? Either way, you’ll be treated to decadent flavours of fruit and baked goods, culminating in a wholesome experience.Combining indica superstar Granddaddy Purple with South African sativa legend Durban Poison, the breeders at RQS have created a 60% indica, 40% sativa specimen that offers superb potency, a fast flowering time, and abundant yields.Cherry Pie offers sweet effects, and even sweeter flavours. Thanks to a THC content averaging around 20%, users can expect a potent, fast-acting high that begins with an initial cerebral lift and ultimately culminates in a creative, balanced stone that lends itself to all manner of situations. Whether you’re looking to sit back and relax, indulge in artistic projects, or hang out with close friends, Cherry Pie will bring blissful vibes to the session.Thanks to the diversity of its parent strains, Cherry Pie offers a unique flavour profile that stands out from many other strains on the market. Users can expect a burst of fruity berry notes, reminiscent of her name, alongside hints of vanilla and cookies, making for a sweet and slightly earthy smoke that never grows tiring.Cherry Pie is a versatile specimen that can thrive both indoors and outdoors. As long as growers provide the basic level of maintenance and upkeep, these plants will grow into wide yet compact specimens that soon amass a huge canopy of dense buds. After just 8–9 weeks of bloom, Cherry Pie seeds will be ready to harvest, emanating fruity aromas and showing off rich green hues. Indoor plants max out at around 120cm in height and return up to 450g/m˛. Outdoors, plants can stretch to a still-manageable 180cm tall, and return up to 500g/plant in early October.


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