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Original Cheese (IBL) Feminised Seeds

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Original Cheese (IBL) Feminised Seeds

For those who are a fan of the old school classics comes Original Cheese, this strain dates back to the 80s and is one of the most popular strains of all time. For a while it was overtaken by Super Skunk but it has come back with a vengeance.

Paradise Seeds have reclaimed the strain by getting and Original Female Cheese clone from a pal in London in 2003.

After that they crossed it with a number of different strains in order to improve the strain. None were ever released and instead they decided that this strain was best sold in its original state.

Cheese is a high yielding plant with thick, powerful buds that smell of the potent classic Cheese scent. For growers who like a seriously pungent and potent strain Original Cheese is absolutely ideal.

The effect is powerfully physical yet cerebral with a nice balance that really allows for stress relief.

Original Cheese is a feminised strain meaning that all the plants in the crop will be female and photoperiod. Feminised seeds are popular due to their vigorous growth, improved uniformity and enhanced quality.

This strain has a flowering period of 56 days and if grown outdoors should be harvested at the start of October. Indoors its yield is around 400 - 500 g/m2 and outdoors it can reach 600 g/plant.

Original Cheese


CBD Content:
Flowering time:
Indoors: 56 days & Outdoors: beginning of October
Original Cheese
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Harvest Month:
n.L.: Early October and s.L.: Early April
Cheese skunk
Indica / Sativa
Medium, High
Seed type:
Feminised Seeds
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