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Collection 2 Feminised Seeds

Medical Seeds
Medical Seeds Cannabis Seeds
Collection 2 Feminised Seeds

This value-priced mix pack features 2 seeds each of three favourite strains from Medical Seeds: 1024, 2046, and Jack La Mota.

Medical Seeds 1024 is a mostly-sativa hybrid with great flavour and a unique aroma. It is also a very productive plant with short vegetative and flower periods. Flower time is 75-80 days indoors (outdoors will take slightly longer).

The plants grow in a variety of indoor setups including potting, soil, and hydro. They are also good candidates for growing in a variety of specialty setups like SOG and ScroG.

Medical Seeds 2046 brings to the table pure Haze genetics. Any avid Haze enthusiast will be impressed with how artfully Medical Seeds has managed to produce their version of this classic strain.

Haze is not easy to grow so be aware of its temperamental nature. Novice growers might find the results disappointing on a first go. For those who can keep up with them, they reward with great quality and high yields - usually 500 g per square metre on average.

Flower time for 2046 is 120 days (10 weeks) minimum and can take even longer depending on variables in the growing conditions. ScrOG is may growers' method of choice for this strain when growing the plants indoors.

Jack la Mota has made its way around the world and has also lent its genetics to numerous hybrids. It is sativa-dominant and contains the genetics of three parent strains: Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights #5.

Indoor growers will notice how well Jack La Mota performs, regardless of the grow method used. It performs well in pots and soil but many growers agree that Sea of Green and Screen of Green yield the most favourable results. The plants produce an abundance of tight buds with a distinct smell that becomes more intense as the plants mature. The smell of incense is prevalent once the end product is lit.



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Feminised Seeds
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