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Velvet Moon Feminised Seeds

The Velvet Moon is a stunning plant created by Green House Seeds by crossing the renowned Dosidos from the USA with Franco's Holy Punch. This vigorous and visually pleasing plant emits a powerful and sweet aroma. It has a moderate stretch, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, and its side branches are strong enough to support itself until the end of flowering. The flowers it produces are compact and round, with large calyxes from the Holy Punch and the resin production of the Dosidos. The smell is a delightful blend of both parent strains, offering a pungent sweetness reminiscent of fresh fruit, along with hints of acidic lemon and earthiness. When smoked, it provides a perfect combination of acidity and sweetness, with a creamy earthiness on the exhale. The effects are long-lasting, with an initial intense head rush that gradually fades to a pleasant buzz and a feeling of happiness that can last for several hours.

Dosidos x Holy Punch

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Sweet, potent, fresh mature fruit, acid lemon
Flowering time:
8-9 weeks
Dosidos x Holy Punch
Harvest Month:
Early October
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica (60% Indica, 40% Sativa)
Outdoors 700 gr/pp
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