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BSBs Cali Collection
Green Crack

Cali Crack is a top 10 Californian variety which is a result of crossing a pure isolated Afghani with Skunk #1, same parental lineage as the legendary UK Cheese, but larger yields and tastes of sweet mango and pineapple with hints of cedar.UK Skunk lovers will be dribbling over this one! She produces a pleasant yet powerful and very long lasting cerebral and euphoric high.She is an enormous cash cropper and One of our top 3 selling Cali Collection varieties alongside Cali Cookies and Cali Dream.Cali Crack is a very stable genetic resulting from crossing an original 1989 Skunk #1 with a pure isolated Afghani cut. She grows like a Christmas tree producing a stunning array of buds ensuring a high yield of the finest cannabis.She also has a very high tolerance to pests and mould making her very easy to grow even for a complete amateur.Cali Crack combines high yields with superb quality buds and all in a short flowering phase. Being very easy to grow is yet another bonus. BSB highly recommend you add some of these seeds to your collection.


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