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CBD Botanic

CBD Botanic came into being after a group of some of the world's foremost experts in cannabinoids decided that it was time to bring high quality products that contribute to research, customer well-being and the promotion of healthy living.

With over a decade of professional experience in the field of cannabinoid research and development, CBD Botanic really knows what it takes to produce outstanding medical strains, perfectly tailored to treat a range of specific illnesses.

By carefully studying each new strain variant using gas Chroma graph analysis and genetic markers, it becomes possible for strains with incredibly high CBD levels - and super low percentages of THC - to be created.

Some of CBD Botanic's most prized strains include…

CBD Bubba Kush

This chiefly Indica hybrid packs a delicious sweet lemon flavour and delivers a perfectly balanced 1:1 ratio of 8% THC to 8% CBD, resulting in relaxing, therapeutic and medicinal effects.

A 9 week flowering time produces yields of up to 500g/m2, with this hardy strain proving to be resistant to disease and infestations.

CBD Hammer Shark

This Indica-heavy beauty is incredibly potent, with delicious spicy, pine-tinged aromas, an 8-9 week flowering time and yield potential of up to 550g/m2.

With a CBD level of 7% and THC at 6%, this is a truly magnificent medicinal strain.

CBD Chem Dawg

With yields of up to 500g/m2, this smooth, rich, earthy-tasting strain possesses a winning combination of 8% CBD to 6% THC, making for deeply therapeutic, relaxing body effects, with a functional high: Perfect for medicating when one needs to concentrate.

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