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Alphakronik Genes

Alphakronik Genes

Alphakronik Genes Seeds is a brand which is committed to producing high-grade medical strains using only organic, 100% natural techniques.

The whole process of forming new strains at Alphakronik Genes is a real labour of love, which is extremely time intensive: But as we all know, you can't rush art!

Alphakronik Genes creates new genetic combinations by scouring the planet for the rarest, most potent medical strains known to mankind, before individually pairing male and female plants to let nature take its course: Throughout the entire process, this quality-focussed firm works its magic as its breeders carefully nurture these new strains into existence, using nothing except the tools that mother nature has provided: As a result, the new strains that these genetic wizards come up with are revered by aficionados everywhere for their uniquely potent and flavoursome properties.

Some of the ground-breaking strains which Alphakronik Genes are known for include:


This THC-laden strain combines the much-loved Purple Urkle with the flavoursome Snowdawg BX to produce a pungent, complex hybrid that ticks all of the boxes for flavour, medicinal power, aroma, yield and growth speed.

Bubba Love

With its massive quantities of THC and CBD, this potent medicinal strain is a masterful blend of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Snowdawg BX: Its rich coffee-like aroma is accented with a citrus twist that will delight the senses as its full-body stone kicks in.

Las Vegas Purple Kush BX

This rare Las Vegas Purple Kush x Sin City Kush mix is incredibly effective as a medical strain, thanks to its stratospheric levels of CBD. With its lavender-scented aromas and beautiful purple colouring, this is one sinful pleasure that every seasoned seed collector would be proud to have locked down in their library.

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