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Original Limonade Skunk Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto Original Limonade Skunk plants are well known for their powerful and delicious aroma of ripe lemons. This strain is also extremely resinous and powerful with an amazingly balanced effect.

It has all of the up of sativas with the couch lock relaxation of an indica. Together they create an amazing effect that is relaxing yet energetic, perfect for a day time medication.

This strain is a little sensitive to spider mites and over feeding, but as long as it is well looked after it will flourish and thrive beautifully.

This strain is both auto-flowering and feminised, making it great for growers. Auto-flowering strains will flower automatically rather than as the result of a light cycle.

This means the flowering time is shorter as well as the structure of the plant. Despite how small the plants are they still produce amazing yields, making them great for commercial growers and those with smaller growing areas.

This strain is also feminised which means it will only grow into female plants. Feminised seeds are great for growers who don't plan on breeding their own crops. Not having to deal with the male plants will save a lot of time, money and energy.

Feminised seeds also tend to be higher in quality and uniformity than regular plants.

This strain has a flowering time of 6 – 8 weeks indoors and 10 – 11 weeks outdoors.   

Remember that the cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal in some countries, please check the laws of your country before attempting to cultivate cannabis seeds.


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Skunk #1 (Original Limonade Phenotype) x Ruderalis


CBD Content:
Medium (1-5%)
Couch Lock, Powerful
Flowering time:
Indoors: 6-8 weeks & Outdoors: 10-11 weeks
Skunk #1 (Original Limonade Phenotype) x Ruderalis
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Plant height:
60-160 cm
THC Content:
Very High
Indica / Sativa
Seed type:
Auto Flowering Seeds
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