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SickMeds Seeds

SickMeds Seeds

SickMeds has the unique and enviable vision of reviving classic cannabis genetics that have become increasingly obscure over time or can only be obtained via clones. They are also committed to developing strains with sought-after attributes for specific medical applications. They have over a decade of experience and make every effort to obtain those hard-to-find strains so they can bring them to you in seed form. They consider the classics to be the necessary building blocks for modern cannabis strains so they regard preservation to be a priority.

The great news is that their efforts are paying off. They are constantly reviving old lines and are eager to share them with a new generation of enthusiasts and growers. Even more, their work includes creating feminised versions of classic strains once only available in regular form.

SickMeds works closely with a variety of cannabis labs and research bodies to gain knowledge and experience working with a range of cannabanoid attributes. This allows them to develop their strains with the knowledge of the attributes each parent plant will contribute in terms of percentages of cannabanoids. They are also able create better matches and combinations of these attributes when breeding and ensure quality and consistency in every strain they produce. For SickMeds, quality and consistency are essential elements to their breeding projects.

With the goal in mind to move forward in their research, embracing new breeding techniques and technologies, SickMeds is positioning themselves as a true industry leader for cannabis seed production. They are working constantly and feverishly studying plant tissue cultures and researching the sustainability of a number of genetic attributes in their effort to preserve and recreate many classic strains. As more of those become available, we will have them for you to experience. We at the Vault consider it a privilege to be part of the process.

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