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Toof decay Auto Feminised Seeds

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Toof decay Auto Feminised Seeds

Toof Decay is a strain which the breeders at Mephisto Genetics have been working on for nearly 4 years. They had to go through a number of selections before they achieved the desired strain.

Toof Decay is also the most Indica dominant strain in the 2015 collection.

After much fiddling and selecting the breeders found a domineering Sweet Tooth male plant and combined it with an Indica dominant female which was extra compact, high yielding and grew extremely impressive buds.

This was then crossed with their autoflowering breeding strain and eventually they achieved the wonderful strain known as Toof Decay. It is a small structured plant with an impressive yield and beautifully colourful leaves.

The resin of the plant is extremely sticky as well as being delightfully thick. The effect of the strain is uplifting, happy and deeply enjoyable.

Toof Decay is both autoflowering and feminised. The autoflowering aspect of the strain means that it flowering automatically rather than as a reaction to a specific light cycle.

This has a number of positive outcomes such as a shorter flowering time. This shorter flowering time is due to the seeds skipping the vegetative stage of the flowering process.

This stage would also require a separate growing area and so these seeds also save the grower space. Autoflowering strains also have a much more impressive yield and can be grown to a shorter height, this means that they can be grown easily indoors.

The feminised aspect of the strain means that it will only grow into female plants and the quality of the strain is improved, not to mention its uniformity. 80% of strains which have been feminised have shown improvement in both areas.

Feminised seeds are ideal for those who have no interest in breeding their own crops and so have no need for the male plants. For these growers the male plants take up time, space and energy which could be better used on female plants.

Usually they would need to remove the males at the start of the flowering process which means half of the crop is wasted, as is half of the money spent on the seeds.

This strain can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. It has a flowering time of 60 days from sprout and a yield of 60 g/plant.


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CBD Content:
Creative, Euphoric, Happy
Flowering time:
60 days from sprout
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Plant height:
65 cm
Flowery, Fruity, Sweet
Mostly Indica
Seed type:
Auto Flowering Seeds
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