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Speedy Boom (Speedy G) Automatic Feminised Seeds

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Speedy Boom (Speedy G) Automatic Feminised Seeds

Speedy Boom (formerly Speedy G, Speedy Gonzales) is a true purebred auto strain, It's a very psychoactive strain that smokes with a hot intensity.

It thrives in all growing media and is guaranteed to perform at its potential indoors, although it is also very suitable for growing outdoors where it likes arid conditions.

It's about 75 cm tall. a little less indoors and a little taller outdoors. Plants will take 65-70 days from seed to be ready to chop.

The yields are approximately 400 gr / m2 indoors and up to 180 gr / plant outdoors under ideal conditions, It is a good idea to reduce the "daylight" hours towards the end of the flowering period in order to increase the density and hardness of the buds.

The effect is highly stimulating and euphoric and is recommended for depression-related illnesses.



CBD Content:
Flowering time:
starts in the 4th week
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Harvest Month:
April - September
Medical conditions:
Medical properties:
Good for depression
Fruity, Sweet
Seed type:
Auto Flowering Seeds
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