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710 Genetics

710 Genetics Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to cannabis seeds, there are the chart-toppers: And then there are the more elusive, harder to find rarities. One new UK-based boutique seed-bank has been amassing a mighty collection of hard-to-get-hold-of strains, as well as some of the more popular varieties on the market: 710 Genetics.

Some of the remarkable strains on offer from 710 genetics include:

Fruity Widow

This potent cross of blueberry and white widow has produced a remarkably potent Indica-influenced strain which is known for its crystal-laced buds, attractive appearance and incredible tangy, fruity flavour profile.


The 710 Genetics Somango is a truly remarkable beast: High yields combine with a heavy hitting 25% THC punch to produce stimulating cerebral effects and an energising buzz. This strain has a juicy, fruit-tinged taste all of its own, as one could expect from the revered genetic mix of Jack Herer, Korean and Big Bud that spawned this wonder-weed strain.

Sweet Tooth

A hardy, beginner-friendly strain, Sweet Tooth from 710 Genetics doesn't pull any punches when it comes to potency and flavour: Living up to its name, this strain is characterised by its ludicrously powerful 20% THC content and the lusciously sweet, candy-like aroma which emanates from its crystal-laced buds.

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710 Genetics
710 Stilton (AKA Cheese) Auto Feminised Seeds
710 Genetics

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710 Genetics
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