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Archive Seeds

Over the past decade, the use of medical marijuana has been embraced in more places than at any other time in history. There is a good reason for this: cannabis has irrefutable healing properties when used in virtually any form, either raw or dried, smoked or ingested. The health and medical benefits of a responsible cannabis regimen cannot be sufficiently stressed, nor can they be effectively refuted. In short, medical marijuana is one of nature's oldest and most effective remedies for various ailments, and it is what drives the philosophy behind Archive Seeds.

Archive's extensive line of unique cannabis strains provides benefits to users that span the spectrum from medical to recreational, with primary focus lent to the former. ThaDocta and his team of breeders are proud to offer their rare and unique strains to growers and enthusiasts across the world. Some of them have been recognized by such prestigious organizations as High Times and have also been recipients of awards in medical marijuana competitions, particularly High Times' own Cannabis Cup. In fact, ThaDocta has been getting even more attention as of late and has Archive constantly developing new and unique strains utilising his vast resources and stores of rare, diverse specimens.

The list of health benefits of Archive Seeds' cannabis varieties is numerous and exhaustive. Users who suffer from any of the following will likely see noticeable results in these areas almost immediately.

• Cancer (Relieves chemotherapy side-effects when smoked and anti-carcinogenic properties when consumed raw)
• Tourette's Syndrome
• Seizures
• Migraines
• Glaucoma
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Stomach Upset and IBS
• Premenstrual Syndrome

If you suffer from any of these, medical marijuana could be the solution for you. When you are ready, consider buying seeds from Archive Seeds: a developer with medicinal users in mind.

Seeds purchased through Archive have an impressive shelf life. Archive Seeds recommends storing in vacuum-sealed refrigerated containers for up to five years. When contained properly, these seeds have been known to germinate after much longer in storage as well. With each variety offering packs of 12 seeds per, the ability to store them will prove advantageous to the home grower who wants to space the time between growing cycles and still have access to a reliable seed product for further cultivation projects.

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