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Unfortunately, we no longer stock AFROPIPS, this section has been left for reference purposes only.


If you are looking for a little variety in your seeds, seeking something new and exciting, then this is certainly the brand for you.
\r\nThe Afropips brand focuses on introducing the finest and most sophisticated of the African strains to the UK, which is especially elating for those who fancy themselves quite the connoisseur of the cannabis community. African strains are often considered to be of a high quality and Afropips ensure that this has been brought, very kindly, to our doorsteps.
\r\nAfropips tend to dabble in the stronger strains in order to create some rather intense hybrids and these strains are not to be taken lightly. They focus mainly on interbreeding and cross genetics in order to create something bigger and better than the original strains from which they were born.
\r\nThis excellent brand idea was formed in the year 2000 by a gentleman named Afroman. He was born in Africa and worked his way through the finest strains available there seeking to create something even better. What an admirable dream to have.
\r\nDon't let the genetic manipulation influence your decision for the worse as all the seeds are created organically and are professionally selected, tested and always made sure to be the highest quality that they can possibly be. Hybrid seeds can often be somewhat a God-send to the seed collector who is a little bored of their current strains. Afropips select only the finest strains to cross breed and, as a plant will usually inherit the best traits from both parents plants, you can be positive that the product you receive will be one of a very high quality. Interbreeding the different strains also means that they can alter flavour, strength and growth style of all of their seeds, which can be excellent if you are looking for something to spice up your relationship with this naughty little plant.


Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries - please check the laws of your country and don't be growing any plants if it is against your country's laws.

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