High THC strains – what’s it like to be High?

THC Cannabis Seeds

THC Seeds


Let’s not beat about the proverbial Cannabis Bush here people, some people like getting high. Now obviously that’s not you as we sell seeds for souvenir purposes only, but if you know someone who wants to know more about it – here’s a wee look at some high THC related seeds!


Now, as you probably know – THC is the part that gives you the buzzy, euphoric feeling from the plant, tetrahydrocannabinol, a crystalline compound that is the main active ingredient of cannabis.


If you’re looking to be stoned, then high THC is for you!


We have a ton of high THC Seeds in stock but here is a mini focus on some recommended strains to consider:


Ghost Train Haze #1 by Rare Dankness = 25% THC

Purple Queen from Royal Queen Seeds = 22% THC

Super Kush Auto from Phoenix Seeds = 20% THC


We thought about it and we are going to offer up a prize to the person that gives us the best answer to:


”What’s it like to be high” – There are no right or wrong answers but we are going to offer up a prize of 10 Super Kush from Phoenix Seeds’, to the person we decide has explained being high the best will win!  just comment on this blog post with your opinion.


Disclaimer: The Vault judges may be swayed by humour but not bribes lol


The winner will be chosen by Vault staff on Wednesday the 24th July and the winner announced the same day.  We will contact the winner via the email address used to enter (but that will of course remain private)


If you would like to purchase some High THC Cannabis Seeds then just follow the link to our store!


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Legal Disclaimer: The competition winner will have their prize sent to them via recorded delivery.  If you win the competition but don’t receive your prize, we cannot resend competition seeds, so you’ll have to raise this with your local delivery service (In the UK, for example, this would be Royal Mail).


Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries.  It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter.  The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.


56 thoughts on “High THC strains – what’s it like to be High?

  1. Being high for me is like life it’s self..
    It’s different every day. That’s why i enjoy it so much.
    Thanx for another great promo guys.
    #TeamVault rocks. ✌

  2. for me Being High is like being so relaxed and comfortable, these days i have chronic pain due to several issues so now it’s not so much a recreational thing but relief from constant pain, although when i was younger it was a more intense feeling, melted into the sofa, hardly able to move ( even if i wanted to) until someone mentions munchies then it’s the most amazing tasting food in the world ( no matter what the notion to munch has you eating) , But after a hard day there is no better way to relax than getting high, it relieves my pain and relaxes my body and the days troubles disappear in a cloud of happiness 😀

  3. Yes it’s been 41 years first time I got high to b honest all I remember is I was 15 at the drive in in my little town of pearl Mississippi there with some older high school kids one of them offered it to me I remember hitting it a few times next thing I remember I’m passed out by the bathrooms sun in my eyes 730 in the morning I enjoy getting high it relaxes me takes me to different parts of my mind and life I will b a stoner to the (drop the text #i love getting STONED later y’all from mississippi OUTLAW

  4. Being stoned is like every magical gnome and fairy sprinkling trichome dust over every ounce of your body and mind while laying on a cloud of cotton candy coated with happiness and dreams that seems so real and in reach that your brain has no choice but to accept it as fact. Be like Joe, be stoned.

  5. Being high is sort of like.
    What was i saying? Oh yeah,
    Being high is like a quest at times, sometimes you get lost in the adventure.
    Following a thought, an experiment, a craving, a bass, a verse, or a drum solo.
    And then you notice nature..sorry what were we talking about?

  6. Grazie per opportunità io non sono un grande inteditore ma . Super kush auto la consiglio ottima genetica

  7. Just the other day I’d had a quick toot and went to put on my bud-type earphones on. It always takes me a while to sort out which is left and which is right (dodgy eyesight, happens to us all with age) but this time I managed to isolate the left one in seconds but it then took nearly five minutes for me to see the tiny little letter “R” on the right… That’s stoned…

  8. “Like a slice of butter, melting on a big ole pile of flapjacks.” – Private Miller, Pineapple Express

  9. Being high to me is pure pleasure and If it was bad for u do u really think. The all mitey wouldn’t have created Marie Jane now would he !!!!

  10. Wow man where do I start being high is like amazing man it just like completes you I mean brother can you imagine a thousand space turtles not just turtles dude but SPACE turtles floating around your brain each space turtle carries a monkey on its back smoking a cigar and typing away on a typewriter man and on each piece of paper is the answer to every question you’ve ever asked or thought about well getting high man helps you to catch a turtle and find the answers dude to like things and that plus it makes me smile yeah man definitely get high it makes you happy man


  12. I like a mellow high don,t like to take it to far just enough for that mellowed out chilled feeling like super relaxed just on the buzz

  13. What it’s like to be high. Its like a warm fire on a cold day, it’s like a cold river on a hot day, it’s like a phone call from a friend you have not talked to for a year. It’s the way Life should be!

  14. For myself, something getting high is all about releaseing stress in general, puts my in a laughing mood and lets the day slip by. Other times its very euphoric and I feel all artsy fartsy and paint or make some cool model’s. Other times Im straight up a dip lol One time I went on a 15 min search for my glasses, tore up half the house looking for them. Just to find myself wearing them in the end. Its all about the strain and mood that your in deepening on the effects you may have. If I win any seeds, Id be very happy ,) Good luck all.

  15. Not necessarily stoned but beautiful it’s like turning on the light and seeing everybody glow inside. Wait a minute, let me prove it to you.

  16. Being high for me is like this;

    Walking down the street, with some money
    Bought some drugs and felt real funny
    Went to a party, fell on the floor,
    Police came knocking at the door
    Everybody ran except for me, I’m in jail now, full of THC!

  17. Depending on what strain we smoke we may feel light and tingly or think a shaolin monk glued to the same spot for hours. Not for you to be all the way tilted one way ? No worries everything in between is availible, so you get a chance to be relaxed and still have dinner with grandma.

  18. Being stoned is like :

    Feeling the most relaxed you’ve ever been where time seems to stand still and everything around you slows down. It’s almost like a minute is an hour. You start to see the real beauty in small things and notice small details that you’ve not noticed before, lights twinkle more brightly, sounds are richer and smells more real.

    You’re favourite things become the “best thing ever” and food becomes the tastiest it’s ever been.

    You laugh at the silliest of things and can’t stop, it’s a proper giggly laugh that hurts your belly and leaves you breathless.

    You open your mind to new ideas and contemplate things you’ve not really concerned yourself with before. You talk and talk and can solve the worlds problems! The more friends these better, it’s a very social experience.

    There is soooooo much more to say, but I feel I’d be boring you! To sum it all up, I’d say,

  19. Having ADHD and a bad back being high is taking away the constant boredom that is always nagging my brain after less than 5 seconds of inactivity, and simultaneously a distraction from the nerve pain of having a herniated disc. It’s also a quieting of the many thoughts that swarm around in the brain of an ADHD person at any point in time to allow blissful serenity and the ability to focus on only one thing if only for a little while.

    As many around the world now, it truly is a wonder treatment for many ailments.

  20. I eat too much…. everything tastes TOOOOOO good. Which explains why cannabis works so well for cancer patients on chemo. Legalize Worldwide !!!

  21. PAIN Relief!
    When I use Cannabis for my Back pain…
    I get the feeling that things are more like “The Matrix” than we are supposed to know!
    I begin to wonder what is real,
    Is it When I’m awake or when I’m asleep?

    I Think… This is why it was outlawed to begin with,
    They found it harder to control us, whom use Cannabis.
    We just don’t get excited and react to ‘Their’ issues as we are supposed to.

    Thanks Gary and Team Vault!!

  22. Wow yes please would to have the chance to check your goodies out be great to try before you buy LOVE LIKED AND SHARED

  23. What it’s like being high ?……

    It’s like that feeling when you first kiss your crush,

    It’s like that feeling after a hard days rush,

    It’s like that feeling waking up with nothing to do,

    It’s like that feeling after a big poo

    What it is for me is different for you, but at the end of the day it’s nothing new!

    Kid kush,
    Show me the bush!

  24. I love being relaxed, letting myself go, thinking about nothing, watching a movie, being in the movie, eating .. the top thanks for this chance to do what I love ;D

  25. A euphoric high that helps remove all the pain in my body and helps relax me. A really natural remedy for a lot of human ailments. Everyone should have easy access to such quality weed or seeds and as a collector these would be great in my collection.

  26. la cosa importante per me non è il thc Alto è la pianta in sé stessa quando si possono trarre beneficio è amare questa pianta miracolosa ma purtroppo ancora Discriminata da alcuni

  27. For me being “HIGH” means being pain free, no stress and no worries. being High makes life livable and i am able to do thing that everyone eles does. Being High gives me a life

  28. Getting that killer high to me is like being in entire different world. A world that makes it so much sweeter to live in. My mind is so motivated and my engery is nonstop. I love the smell the taste of most all brands. So with the Vault doing another great giveaway I sure love to have them beans for my collection. ✌

  29. Being high is pure mental health escapism. Only thing is being high ruined Mickey mouse’s marriage!!!
    Mickey stated in court “ Your Honour , every time Minnie gets HIGH!! She’s f*cking Happy….. Dopey And Goofy. If Minnie doesn’t get high she’s f*cking Angry.”
    The other four Dwarves were unavailable for comment!!!

  30. Para mí estar ó sentirte “High”. Es poder Sentir y Disfrutar la VIDA.

  31. Being high is like walking into a room full of excited puppies. You aren’t exactly sure what is going to happen next, but you know that at some point you will probably be on the floor, struggling to move, laughing your head off, without a care in the world.

  32. Getting high is like taking a break from society and all your problems in life. It helps the brain come up with happy ideas and makes me see the happy side of life! I dont really think there’s a way to fight or be angry while stoned lol ive tried amd it jist doesn’t work! Pick me as your winner and I’ll grow the seeds with love and share the buzz with anyone and everyone I can lol!

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